ÖFB: Rangnick for international matches in the Allianz Stadium


ÖFB team boss Ralf Rangnick has emphatically spoken out in favor of international matches in Rapid’s Allianz Stadium. At a football congress on Wednesday, the German called for regular appearances by the Austrian team at Rapid’s home ground, which holds around 24,000 spectators in international games. The club had already rejected this request in the past.

Again, Rangnick lacks the understanding. “Here in Vienna we only have one bigger stadium, the Ernst Happel Stadium. In order to create a good atmosphere there, it has to be packed and we have to play at the highest level. Even then, it’s not exactly scary when the distance through the track is so big. If you’re sitting in the last tier, you’ll need binoculars to watch the game. That’s why I don’t think the Ernst Happel Stadium is really suitable. With a capacity of almost 30,000 spectators, the Allianz Stadium has the opportunity to create such an atmosphere,” said Rangnick, according to

In Germany, nobody would understand if the DFB-Elf were not allowed to play in a stadium because the fans of the club in question are against it, said the team boss. Rangnick would like support from politicians. A situation should arise “where the mayor, the chancellor, the sports minister, no matter who, all say: Of course the national team plays in the Rapid stadium.”

Rangnick also explained: “If I imagine that we are playing against Sweden here in the Allianz Stadion – the stadium has everything you need for qualifiers like this. There would only be winners and I can’t understand why I would even question something like that. Rapid Vienna wins because we pay rent. The association gains in reputation. The Rapid fans who would be invited to occupy their entire block and support us win.”



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