“Not even to the moon” the Colombian National Team player criticized for his lack of goal against Uruguay

The El Campín stadium in the city of Bogotá, was the setting chosen to receive the first match of the final hexagonals of the South American Sub-20 between Colombia and Uruguay. The coffee growers qualified in the group stage in the second position of group A, while the charrúas ended up commanding group B, although expectations were high, the Colombian group failed to debut with victory in the final phase of the contest.

The commitment began and it was Uruguay who in the first minute of play disturbed the Colombian goal, with a shot from outside the area that sent Marquines to the corner kick. In 10 minutes of play, the Colombian mayoma castle He made a diagonal and on the edge of the area he shot with his left leg sending the ball slightly deflected.

Uruguay responded immediately and narrowly opened the scoring with a horizontal shot by Rodríguez after receiving a great qualification. The game became very even and with great intensity in the first 15 minutes of the game, although Uruguay was more constant in its offensive intention.

Around minute 25, on several occasions the Uruguayan team tried through the area to damage the tricolor goal without success in their attacks. At minute 32, Uruguay had another clear goal option after Álvaro Rodríguez finished off the goal that was uncovered, a move that required the central Mantilla who managed to intercept the ball on the line.

Already in the second half, Castilla tried with a shot from medium distance that was deflected above the horizontal of the Charrúa goal, minutes later the Tricolor, continued in its desire to define but for its part Uruguay patiently awaited its opportunity, in order to to make quick attacks.

That’s how it was, Uruguay opened the scoring, after a free kick that Marquines did not secure, giving a rebound which was used by González who pushed the ball into the back of the net. Partial result 0-1. Although Colombia responded and at minute 81, Puerta finished off with a header but the ball was deflected by goalkeeper Rodríguez. The match ended with a Uruguayan victory by the slightest difference, Colombia tried in the last minutes of the game but it was not forceful in its approaches.

Those directed by Héctor Cárdenas sought through Ricardo Caraballo who had multiple interventions that were not positive in the result, which they did not forgive him on social networks. The lack of goal of the youngster of the Barranquilla FChas made him the target of criticism, because he could not help to overcome the result against the sky-blue.

Now what follows for the national team is that they can beat Paraguay, Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela so that you can keep hope alive and dream of being able to fight for the continental title and of course a place for the Indonesian World Cup which begins in May of this 2023.


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