Nike limits the number of team uniforms

For this 2023 season, Nike has spoken out and has established a new form regarding the uniforms for the different teams. And it is that all the MLB teams They will have only four uniforms available starting this season, plus the City Connect special should it be announced.

The words of Nike have been the following:

Queremos simplificar los uniformes (‘We really want to sort of streamline uniforms.)

And that they have done, applying this new policy that they call four plus one (four plus one), in which they include the possibility of this special uniform.

The Mariners have been the first to announce that they accept this ruleas they had 6 uniforms to choose from for 2023.

And it is that deciding between combinations for jerseys and caps must be, among so much variety, somewhat difficult.

Diamondbacks, Padres and Rays were in a similar situation, so it is time to decide to follow this new policy.

But before closing the news, you may be wondering:

What is City Connect?

For those who do not know it, we will describe this curious and somewhat unknown part of the MLB.

It is a Nike initiative in which uniforms inspired by the cities or states of each team are designed and made. It was started in 2021, awarding these designs to 7 teams, and they gave another 7 teams in 2022.

Only 14 of the 30 MLB teams currently have City Connect uniforms.

The designs are really something unique, and I encourage you to explore them all. The cover image does not fit all those that have been published.

In total, we will have five jerseys or uniforms for this 2023 season:

  • 1 to play at home
  • 1 to play away
  • 2 alternatives
  • 1 for City Connect (to be published)

And may they bring you good luck in the game!



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