New game rule in the Major Leagues will affect several pitchers

The rules to be enforced by Major League Baseball could cause problems for many pitchers, as a new game rule outlines a way to prevent pitchers from cheating baserunners.

Among the pitchers that will be affected by this regulation is the Venezuelan Luis García, who plays in the Major Leagues, with the Houston Astros, and was crowned with said team in the 2022 World Series by defeating the Philadelphia Phillies.

Garcia has a signature move that he performs on the mound as he prepares to throw to the catcher. Said movement must be corrected for the following season, because it could be sanctioned.

The Venezuelan is one of the best pitchers for the Astros, especially because of his ability to deceive baserunners, as well as his performance on the mound. However, the violation of the regulations would cause consequences, both to the pitcher and to the team, which is why García must use another strategy that is legal for the league.




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