New Blood” will not have a season 2

On the other hand, a prequel is in project, centered on the childhood and the adolescence of Dexter.

End clap for Dexter : New Blood. According to TVLine, the series will not have a season 2.

However, the season of the series broadcast on Showtime and Canal+ in France was so successful that it set an audience record for the platform.

Dexter: a prequel in preparation?

Season 2 was supposed to center on Dexter’s son, Harrison. But for all that, the anti-hero embodied by actor Michael C. Hall is not abandoned.

Indeed, Showtime would be preparing a prequel to the original series which began in 2006 and lasted until 2013. A series centered on Dexter’s childhood and adolescence.

What about this spin-off?

At the beginning of the month, the executive producer of the series indeed indicated to Entertainment Weekly provided that Showtime accepts the idea of ​​such a series.

Either way, Clyde Philipps adores Jack Alcott, who plays Harrison: “He took classes in wrestling, baseball, sparring and learned how to chop wood. He was really in a great state of mind”.



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