Network Reactions to Kyrie Irving’s Trade Demand: LeGM is back to work

There’s the next quake at the Brooklyn Nets! According to media reports, Kyrie Irving has demanded a trade from the Nets, he wants to leave before the trade deadline. Found food for the Twitter community…

Trade demand from the Nets: That says Kyrie Irving

The main protagonist of the message turned to his followers again shortly before the trade demand became known:

“To my peers: Just be yourself and grow!

Make sure you are surrounded by people who will unconditionally celebrate you and appreciate all the hard work you put in.

Distance yourself from those who manipulate, hate or want to hurt you.”

Many others had a slightly different opinion on the subject…

“Man, Kyrie Irving treats the NBA like some warehouse job.”

“Kyrie’s trade request is different than Durant’s. The Nets didn’t want to give up KD. It’s no secret that many in the organization aren’t fans of Irving. I expect he’ll still be on the team after the deadline , but the Nets would take the right deal.”

“Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden have all requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets within the past 13 months.”

R.J. Hampton (Magic-Guard)

LeBron James (Lakers star and Irving’s ex-teammate)

“Kyrie wants to be there in person when you do that [All-Time-Scoring-]Rekord brichst.”

Somehow we already know the whole thing…

LeGM has someone in its sights.

The good vibes in Brooklyn have also been there for far too long.

Magic Johnson (Lakers legend): “Personally, I would love to see Kyrie in purple-and-gold.”

At least the Celtics have a good laugh.

LeBron with a clear order to Lakers GM Rob Pelinka.

“Dear Kyrie Irving, I speak for all the people of Minnesota when I say we ALL think the earth is flat. Join us.”

Celtics fans have a good laugh, Part II

Why? For this reason!

“Last year the Celtics beat the Nets by 40 points and James Harden called for a trade.

In the playoffs, the Celtics swept the Nets and Kevin Durant called for a trade.

This week the Celtics swept the Nets out by 40 points and Kyrie Irving called for a trade.”

“You pay Ben Simmons $40 million a year. Just pay Kyrie Irving.”



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