NBA: Irving eliminates his apology to the Jewish community as soon as he leaves the Nets

Kyrie Irving has not left a mark in his time with the Nets. Or at least a positive footprint. Called to form an unstoppable trident together with Kevin Durant y James Hardenhas failed miserably in Brooklyn before being brilliantly transferred to the Mavericks once he requested the transfer. The three stars were barely able to play together between injuries and suspensions. Because the base has experienced more controversies than successes.

So in New York they practically celebrate their departure. At least some media did. The ‘Daily News’ was happy with Irving at his farewell. “The Nets trade Kyrie to the Mavs for… Oh, who cares. He’s finally gone!”, read in the title of the back cover. And the headline was intended to the Mavericks: “Now it’s your headache”. very hard

During his time with the Nets, Irving refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and was removed from the team for it. Later the franchise backed down and allowed him to play, but due to New York laws against the coronavirus he could only do it away from home. Also disappeared during some matches for the most enigmatic personal reasons. and this season He was the protagonist of a new controversy by sharing a documentary with anti-Semitic references on his social networks.

No trace of his apology to the Jewish community

The base was criticized by all levels of the NBA, the Nets separated him again and imposed a series of “homework” that he had to do if he wanted to return to the discipline of the team. Among them, should publicly apologize to the Jewish community. She did it on her social networks, but not out loud, as was also requested. But the apology, once it has already left Brooklyn, has disappeared from their profilesaccording to Sam Amick, a journalist for ‘The Athletic’.

It is unknown for now if the NBA will take action on it. The Mavericks have not made any statement either. about the action of his new signing, but Mark Cuban, its owner, is of Jewish originlike many other franchise owners in the League.

Kyrie Irving laces up his shoes before his first practice with the Mavericks.

While, the point guard, who will wear the number 2 on his jersey, is already with the Dallas team. This Tuesday he was the first to arrive at training and could make his debut this Thursday in the match between the Mavericks and the Clippers in Los Angeles. Even before he debuts with his new team, he may already have some awkward but necessary questions to answer about removing that apology to the Jewish community.



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