Murcia cadets party | A cadet soccer match in Murcia ends in a massive fight: dozens of players and parents, beaten

A match of soccer of the category cadetwith players from 14 and 15 years oldcelebrated on Murcia this friday ended in a mass brawlcon dozens of players and parents involvedas reported by police sources and witnesses to what happened.

The events took place around nine o’clock at night at the El Raal sports center, where a match between El Raal and the Bacons Bridge, which was tied. At the end of the game, at the gate of the field, parents and players began a verbal fight that was rising in tone and ended in physical aggression.

“Some adults put their young children back into the field, so they wouldn’t witness what was happening,” witnesses say, adding that some people went in to separate those who were fighting. “The parents of the players of both one team and the other intervened to separate, not to stick“, say other witnesses. Seeing the numerous people shouting and embarrassedfrom the sports center they notified 112.

The janitor calls 911

The 112 Emergency Telephone received a call from the concierge to warn of what was happening: according to what he said, there were around thirty people involved in the brawl.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Murcia. Despite the massiveness of the fight, there were no injuriesso it was not necessary to mobilize any ambulance.


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