Mudryk and Cucurella don’t get along because of posts on social media?


In the middle of the trend less sip Chelsea, Mykhailo Mudryk and Marc Cucurella it was speculated that they didn’t get along because of a post on social media. Graham Potter answered this issue.

The Blues drew for the third time in a row after playing 1-1 at West Ham headquarters in the Premier League continued, Saturday (11/2/2023). Cucurella drew attention because it was considered that he was often out of position and allowed the home team to dominate the right wing. In the process, Cucurella was replaced by Ben Chilwell in the second round.

Meanwhile, Mudryk actually didn’t look very good. The new Chelsea boy failed to fire and was replaced by Hakim Ziyech at the same moment as Cucurella.

After the match, Mykhailo Mudryk was caught liking a meme criticizing Marc Cucurella on Instagram. The upload describes Cucurella ignoring Mudryk but still passing to the other Chelsea colleagues.

As a result, many people think that now there is a conflict between Mudryk and Cucurella. However, Chelsea manager Graham Potter denied this assumption. According to him, the incident was just limited to not just fit.

“There’s no problem in relation to anything evil at all,” he was quoted as saying Independent. “If there is, it’s just an understanding between team-mates, it’s a fairly common problem. I would say – when to pass, in what situation, when.”

“Playing against a back five, West Ham makes it difficult for you to connect with wingers, and it’s just an understanding of when to play in the gaps or how to sneak in.”

“Mykhailo, he’s only had his third game with us so there’s no problem. It’s just more of a challenge of understanding, which is easy enough to understand when you’re aware of the context,” Potter added.

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