Mourinho, very critical in his day with City’s situation: “It’s a shame”

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The delicate institutional situation that Manchester City is experiencing has once again brought to light some statements by José Mourinho. The Portuguese, at that time a Tottenham coach, was very critical after some sanctions for Financial Fair Play imposed on the ‘sky blue’ team were revoked.

“If you are not guilty, you do not pay. I am not saying that City are guilty, I am saying that if you are not guilty, you do not pay. You are not punished, not even with a pound. I know money is easy enough for them, but it’s just a start.. Why are you paying 8-9 million pounds if you are not guilty? If they are not guilty, the decision is a shame,” she commented in 2020.

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However, he alluded to the fact that this sanction was insufficient in the event that City were guilty. “If you are guilty, the decision is also a shame. If you’re guilty, you should be kicked out of the competition.. My criticism is not for Manchester City, I am nobody to know if they are guilty or not. The criticism is for the decision.”



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