Mourinho brought to the ground. “I want to vomit. Disaster after disaster” Football

After the end of his football career, Antonio Cassano became a TV pundit and opinion leader who doesn’t bite his tongue. The former Italian international very often hits great coaches or players. The 40-year-old was one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s critics, when the Portuguese forced his departure from Manchester United from the beginning of this season. This time, Cassano spoke again about Jose Mourinho’s work.

Cassano blurted out: “I feel like throwing up”

Antonio Cassano has attacked the AS Roma coach for the first time. The former footballer spoke negatively about the Portuguese already in 2008-2010, when Mourinho was the coach of Inter Milan. Now 39 times for Italy, the 60-year-old stated that the 60-year-old could not manage the team and added that he “want to vomit” looking at Roma’s game under his leadership.

The Giallorossi lost 2-1 in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals to Cremonese, who are currently bottom of Serie A with eight points.

– He doesn’t know how to set up a team. Even if you play with your second squad, you have to beat Cremonese – said Cassano on the podcast “Bobo TV”.

The former striker did not stop at the above words. The 40-year-old also admitted that in his opinion Jose Mourinho was never one of the best coaches, and his popularity was ensured by his ability to communicate with the media.

“Mourinho was never a good coach, he only knew how to talk to the media. It’s disaster after disaster for Roma. He made them spend a lot of money on Nemanja Matic and Rui Patricio, those were their decisions,” said Antonio Cassano.

During his football career, Antonio Cassano played for teams such as Inter Milan, Milan and Real Madrid. He scored 10 goals for the national team. In 2017, the striker hung up his boots, playing for Hellas Verona.



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