Michelin has the portable air compressor to always carry in the car

02/17/2023 at 23:59


Portable air compressors are essential to control tire pressure without having to go to a specialized site

Los portable air compressors They are machines designed to raise or lower pressure and displace gases or vapors (also known as compressible fluids). Their purpose is to compress the ambient air (or any gas), store it and extract it.

Its priority use is to inflate tires. As is evident, it is not an exclusive use since its characteristics also make it effective for inflating beach utensils that require it (mats, rubber boats, floats…) or various types of balls and balls.

What are the advantages of the portable air compressor

  1. A size that makes it easy to carry it in the trunk of the car and take advantage of its benefits
  2. Check tire pressure without having to go to a specialized site
  3. Provide greater vehicle safety thanks to the correct adjustment of the pressure and to the uniform distribution of the supported load
  4. They usually bring lighting and screens to be able to use them in low light and know the inflation levels at all times, as well as serving as a signal in case of emergency.
  5. Some models memorize the correct pressure of the vehicle’s tires

In the market we find numerous models, such as the Xiaomione of the best sellers on Amazon (€59.99) or the Michelin one, on which we focus in this article.


Adjust tire pressure in three minutes

It is a portable air compressor with a power of 10 A/120W, which allows you to adjust the pressure of a tire in just three minutes. The biggest advantage of this model is that it is completely portable, with a rechargeable battery and three nozzles for greater inflation precision.

Users who have already tried this portable air compressor say that it is easy to use, very precise and very comfortable. “It is very, very compact, it weighs very little and it fits anywhere, so taking it in the car is not a problem. I have verified it with other meters and it does its job very well,” explains a buyer on Amazon.

“No gas station compressor has ever left my bike, motorcycle and car tires so correct and it shows when driving”, reports another Internet user.

mini digital compressor

at a lower price, Michelin it has another compressor, with an even smaller size (29.20 euros) which, however, inflates a standard tire in four minutes. It has a digital screen to select the desired pressure and a USB connector.


It is quite silent and can be stored almost anywhere: the glove compartment of the car, the trunk… The length of the air hose is 10 centimeters.


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