Míchel Sánchez and Girona, destined to understand each other for a new renewal

«A Tenerife I have experienced the most exciting moment since I have been part of the Girona, Yes. But on a private scale there was another moment. After the match againstNotch, which we lost 1-3 and fell into the relegation places. Quique Cárcel came to me and told me: I want to renew you. I answered him if I was hesitating. If you will throw me outI said. No, no. Pere [Guardiola] he agrees We want to renew you. Keep that in mind. don’t change», said Míchel Sánchez, the coach of Girona, in an interview published a few weeks ago The newspaperfrom the same editorial group as Girona newspaper. The Madrid native, arrived on the bench after the spats experienced with Francisco Rodríguez in the two finals of play-off consecutive and that he had signed for one year plus another optional, he referred to the match played on October 16, 2021, two months after he made his debut on the Girona bench. From the outside it might have looked like the team was doing well, but it was just the beginning of a fairy tale that had ecstasy in June, with promotion to First. In fact, before going up the tune was so good that the club renewed it in May until 2024. “Regardless of the category in which the team plays this coming season”, the statement said. That’s how clear they were and now they can take a step further.

“I want it to continue”

“For me, it’s time to talk about Míchel’s renewal,” Quique Cárcel assured al Superesports of RAC1. “As long as I’m part of this project, I have the coach I like the most. I want it to continue, that’s the idea. And as far as I know, he is very happy here, he would like to continue and hopefully for many years». Asked when the renewal of the Madrid player could be made official, Girona’s sporting director did not get wet. “I don’t know if it will be sooner or later, he still has another year.”

A special bond

There are many sports directors who have Míchel’s name in their heads, but only Cárcel enjoys it. In fact, a La Liga team has shown great interest in the Madrid player. Girona knows this and by renovating it also wants to improve its health. The fact that he has proven with results in the highest category of state football that his model works helps; but the bond between club and coach goes beyond what a coach and a team usually find. With Míchel, Cárcel has discovered that it is possible to play football and win in a way other than that of machin. And most importantly, both sides are building something common that they all feel is theirs. There is gratitude, trust, a desire to work and some personal and footballing principles that have allowed everything to flow naturally. It is a project led by people, not positions.

Cárcel’s contract also ends in 2024 and the coach must also decide which footballers will renew and which will leave in the coming months. Both work in the same direction and conversations are frequent. Nothing is hidden in Montilivi. An unequivocal symptom of existing involvement.


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