Metavisio: These listed companies of which judoka Teddy Riner is a key shareholder

(BFM Bourse) – For a professional sportsman, negotiating his retraining is just as important as the career itself. Judo legend Teddy Riner has already given a lot of thought to his life once he hangs up the judogi. A serial entrepreneur, he is already a shareholder in two listed companies.

Teddy Riner has a once again recited his judo at the Paris Grand Slam Sunday by beating the Japanese Hyoga Ota in the final of + 100 kg. The ten-time world champion thus won a seventh victory in the capital, equaling his compatriot Lucie Décosse.

The resident of PSG Judo, double Olympic champion in individual, also intends to shine in business. Last year, the judoka launched his own brand of kimonos in collaboration with Steven Da Costa, the only French Olympic karate champion. Called “Fightart” (or the art of combat in the language of Molière), the brand dedicated to martial arts aims to dress practitioners with limited edition kimonos.

“Obviously I’m thinking about my post-career, what I’m going to leave behind. I can imagine my children becoming the muses of the brand, I’m sure it would amuse them, especially since my son does judo ” Teddy Rinner confided au Parisian.

At the highest level for more than 15 years, the most capped judoka in history is therefore actively preparing for his retraining. And where you least expect it. Teddy Riner is thus already a shareholder in companies listed on the Paris Stock Exchange which are far removed from his flagship universe.

From computers to homes

Since April 2016, he has been the ambassador and also reference shareholder of Metavisio – formerly Groupe Sfit – a company founded in 2013 by Stéphan Français, a judoka himself. It specializes in the design, marketing and sale of computer products, in particular laptops, tablets, as well as office automation accessories and equipment, marketed under the exclusive license of the “Thomson” brand. In order to be able to exploit this brand well known to the general public, Metavisio has signed an exclusive license agreement with Technicolor for a renewable period of 15 years. In return, the company pays Technicolor a fixed percentage calculated on sales. Last July, the Pontault-Combault-based company was chosen by Lidl to list three of its products under the Thomson Computing brand.

Regarding the partnership contract with Teddy Riner, it stipulates that Metavisio “is authorized to use worldwide the image as well as the other attributes of the personality (name, signature, voice, biographical elements) of Teddy Riner for promotions for some of its products (tablets, computers, certain computer accessories and certain audio equipment)”, it is indicated in the information document filed with the AMF on the occasion of its IPO on Euronext Access + , – the improved ex-Marché Libre.

As part of this contract, Teddy Riner was remunerated by granting Riner Judo Connection 12,154 shares of the company valued at 790,010 euros when they were issued, according to this same document. He has undertaken to keep at least one Metavisio share until 2035. As of June 15, 2022, he holds 7.16% of the capital and voting rights (i.e. 462,000 shares and voting rights) of Metavisio through the intermediary of the companies TR Leader Group and Riner Judo which it controls, according to the information document filed with the AMF on the occasion of its transfer to Euronext Growth.

In a totally different universe, Teddy Riner has also been the shareholder since September 2021 of Agences de Papa, an independent real estate network, 100% online and with a fixed commission. “I like challenges and I support entrepreneurship. These are two ingredients that I found in the Agences de Papa project”, explained Teddy Riner. “I wanted to invest myself more and I am happy to provide my support as a new shareholder” he underlined on the occasion of this fundraiser. On the other hand, the exact number of shares held by the judoka at the end of this round table was not specified by the Agencies of Papa.

The Nice network listed on the stock exchange since May 2021 already benefited from the media support of the most successful judoka in history. “Wonderful by the company’s project and its original positioning, the famous French judo champion, Teddy Riner, agreed to be the ambassador of Agences de Papa. His popularity contributes to the brand’s growing notoriety, with more of 11,000 followers on social networks to date”, can we read in the press release announcing the admission of Dad’s Agencies on Euronext Access +.

In the footsteps of Tony Parker

Teddy Riner is not the only French athlete to be a shareholder in a listed company. The emblematic ex-number 9 of the French basketball team Tony Parker is in the capital of Smart Good Things, a company integrated in the “benevolent economy” which offers a range of powdered preparations for instant drinks. It has been listed on the stock exchange since September 2022 via direct admission to the non-regulated market (within the meaning of European directives) Euronext Access+ Paris following the completion of a private placement with qualified investors.

The orange balloon star joined the company as a shareholder in April 2022 and the management team in July 2022 as deputy managing director. In September 2022, he held less than 0.98% of the company’s share capital, according to the information document published on the occasion of the IPO of Smart Good Things.

In this same document, it is indicated that “Mr. Tony Parker has not received any compensation during the previous financial years. He has been receiving compensation as Deputy Chief Executive Officer since July 1, 2022, which is monthly and prorated on the basis of ‘a gross annual compensation of 100,000 euros, i.e. 50,000 euros for the financial year’.

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