Mareo also reforms the green: Sporting studies whether the state of the pitch could have influenced muscle injuries

Sporting advances in actions to improve the quality of its pitches. After the club has decided to invest in lamps to recover the grass of El Molinón, reaching an agreement with the company SGL for the use of led and sodium technology revealed by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, Mareo is also in full reform of the green. The club began a study a few weeks ago to assess to what extent the state of the fields could have influenced muscle injuries. One reason why he canceled training on field 5, where a treatment has been developed to correct his level of hardness. Next Thursday the footballers are scheduled to try it again.

Zarfino and Christian Rivera, yesterday, in front of one of the areas of field 2 where the placement of grass sods is planned. | john square

The laying of sods carried out in El Molinón, before the visit of Huesca, will also be carried out in field number 2 of Mareo. It will be in the hardest-hit areas, mainly in the areas where preparation work for planting is already underway. At the end of yesterday’s session, in which the first team returned to training on this stage, part of the field continued to be removed.

In principle, the idea on which they are working is that the sods (rolls or plates of earth with natural grass) can be placed on the same Thursday that Sporting will train, again, on field number 5, after several weeks without do it. Orlegi has put the focus on the maintenance and condition of the pitches since his arrival, debuting in the club’s organizational chart, at the end of December, the figure of a pitch maintenance director, Eva Sánchez-Céspedes. The analysis of the situation included the opinion of the footballers of the first team, who from their experience have shown their point of view. Information that was taken into account for decisions such as temporarily canceling the use of field 5.

During the last few weeks, the first team has alternated training between field 2 and field 1 of Mareo. The latter also hosts the Sporting B matches, as well as duels for the Juvenile Honor Division, such as the one last Wednesday, in the Copa del Rey Juvenil. The first team has also seen its trials this season at El Molinón diminish as priority is given to trying to preserve the recovery of the grass, punished, among other things, by a fungus detected at the beginning of the campaign.

hard core. The Sporting coach Miguel Ángel Ramírez acknowledged yesterday that the conversation held with the hard core of the locker room this week dealt with aspects such as finding out his opinion to return to training on pitch 5. Andorra’s travel plan was also discussed . It will be longer than usual, since the squad will spend two nights out of Gijón.


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