Manchester City could fall into the oblivion of English football

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Manchester City fans can tremble. Since Monday, the Mancunian club has been facing terrible accusations from the Premier League. The leaders of the Sky Blues find themselves in fine sheets, they who would have committed 115 breaches of Premier League rules between 2009 and 2018. Since then, everyone has wondered what the double reigning English champion risks. Disaster scenarios are on the rise. What is certain is that Man City risk a lot, with a sanction that can range from a fine to an exclusion from the Premier League, including a deduction of points (which should be effective when the potential sanction is pronounced).

The Telegraph explains that if City were to be asked to leave the elite of English football, everything indicates that the EFL (English Football League, which rules the English D2, D3 and D4) would have no obligation to accept Cityzens in their championships . The EFL has 72 clubs and welcoming a new team would not be so easy for them. It would probably take a change in regulations to see such a scenario happen, the expulsion and the relegation of a club being, obviously, two very different things. In the event of an absolute disaster, Manchester City could therefore be forced to leave, at least, from the English D5. Something to really tremble for City supporters.

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