Mama Marta’s apology

Mama Marta’s apology

It is unusual, in high competition sport, for big stars to assume their responsibility when they carry out an unfortunate action. In some cases, egos prevent them from accepting the blame and coming out to show their faces to acknowledge the mistake and apologize publicly. In others, such as the one at hand, the athletes are predisposed to face this trance, knowing what they represent, above all for young people, and the values ​​they must transmit on and off the field; This is the case of Marta Mangué from Gran Canaria.

The member of the rockthe player with the most caps for Spain -301- and top scorer in the history of the Guerreras -1,034 goals-, lost her nerve in the important match between the team from Telde, who are going through a bad moment in the Iberdrola Guerreras League, played with Costa del Sol Málaga in the Antonio Moreno de Las Remudas Pavilion. The seventh minute of the second half was passing and the island team was losing 14-21, when the Pantera, in an attack by the visitors, carried out a violent action with the Brazilian Isabelle Medeiros, for which they saw the red card.

Yesterday, Marta Mangué published through her social networks a letter in which he apologized to the rivals, to his club, teammates and fans, and to his young son Eiden: “The hardest thing was explaining to him why mommy was in the stands and not in the game.”

«After my indisciplinary action on Saturday, for my part I would like to share that only athletes, sportsmen, footballers, professionals and non-professionals, public persons and simply human beings who make mistakes, when an action like that or similar happens to us, well, no. we feel proud. And less personally with more than 20 years of sports career; but they are ugly actions that when they are done there is no turning back, what can be done is to recognize the error so as not to repeat it», explained in her letter the award-winning player from Gran Canaria, who last summer returned to Rocasa, where she was trained, after a long and successful career in Spain and abroad.

“We must be an example for everyone. At the end of the game I apologized to the player and my team for my action and for leaving him with one less player,” said Marta Mangué in a text that concluded as follows: “The hardest thing was explaining to my son Eiden why mommy I was in the stands and not in the game.

This reflection of the 39-year-old veteran athlete from Gran Canaria is an example of life, of humility to know how to accept mistakes; and more in a world, that of sport, where myths like her generate admiration among young people, since for many of them it is a great reference and a mirror to look at.


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