Little by little, state teams from Quintana Roo are integrated

Chetumal, February 20 (Infoqroo).-Athletes from the disciplines of chess, badminton, judo, karate, table tennis and skates successfully completed their respective state and after forming their respective state pre-selections, they will begin their preparation towards the next phase of the Regionals and Macro-Regionals.

“It was a very sporty weekend, we had a lot of sports action in the north of the state, where six disciplines have already chosen the base of their respective teams, but the process continues and that is why we will continue working hand in hand with the coaches so that our athletes arrive at the CONADE 2023 Nationals, with the best preparation”, highlighted the president of the Quintana Roo Youth and Sports Commission (COJUDEQ) Eric Arcila Arjona.

According to information on the results that was provided, in the chess that was played in the “Cámara y Asociados” hall, in the Under-12, Kalani Alexander Fogo Esquivel from Tulum finished first, followed by Mateo Acosta from Benito Juárez and in third Máximo Cortes Acopa de Othón P. Blanco.

In the women’s Under-14, Othón P. Blanco made it 1-2 with Caroline Carrillo Aguayo in first and Michelle Chay Feliciano in second, the third place went to Andrea Flores Hernández from Benito Juárez. While, in the men’s category, Kentaro Carrillo Aguayo from Othón P. Blanco, took first place, the second was Kevin González and the third was arranged by Diego García, both from Benito Juárez.

And in the U-16, Valeria Gómez from Solidaridad (SOL), Celeste Álvarez (BJ) and Ximena Simón Muñoz from Benito Juárez, were first, second and third, respectively, in the women’s division; while in the men’s category, Darío Rolandi Rodríguez from Solidaridad dominated, the second and third place went to Calixto Emilio Ortega and José Armando Macías, respectively, from Benito Juárez.

Controls in the badminton discipline

On the other hand, in badminton, an internal control was carried out at the “Benito Juárez” Poliforum, where the pre-selection team made up of Eric de la Garza, Josefina Zamora and Ivanna Beltrán in the U-15, as well as Patricio Meling, Leonardo Varela, Isabel Meling, Natalia Martín and María Narváez in the Under-17, and having as a base athletes from Cancún and Chetumal.

Regarding table tennis, which took place at the High Performance State Sports Center (CEDAR) in Cancun, the winners were Elías Ancona, Guillermo Herrera, Álvaro Magaña, Mayra Peña, Kahila Montelongo and Gabriela Manzanero in the Sub- fifteen; Javier Uc and Frida Puebla dominated the Sub-21; and in the Under-19s, Rodrigo Tapia, Said Peña, Gael Cabrera, Alessandra de la Rosa and Ana Díaz triumphed.

The karate discipline, which was also carried out at CEDAR, the winners in the Kata modality (forms) were Dominic Janda, Alonso Méndez, Arline Caraveo, Regina Larraguivel and Juan Luis Puc, based on martial arts from Benito Juárez, complemented by Cozumeleños, Playa and Chetumaleños.

While in the specialty of Kumite (fights), the preselection is made up of Ana Ballona, ​​Karla Moo, Abraham Tamay, Máximo Ampuero, Andrick Pech, Juan Diego Chiquil, Lorena Sánchez, Ximena Zazil Ramos, Regina Larraguirei, María José Serrano, Estefanía Lili José, Eduardo Poot, Gian Escudero, Juan Guillermo Cruz, Ángel Osalde, Jennifer Martínez, Dulce Andrade, Gema Ku, Arline Caraveo, Miguel Canché, Elías Torres, Juan Luis Puc and Roberto Woondside.

In the discipline of roller skating, played at the Playa del Carmen Sports Unit, the best times in the Juvenile Minor were by Vivian Michelle Morfín, Sofia Pat, Luis Arturo Hernández, Marcelo Lozano, Shaby Alexia White, Sofía Monserrat Méndez, Ángelo Russo and Isabella Gonzalez.

In the Senior Juvenile it is made up of Jeysi Sandoval, Ángel Castillo and Fátima Cruz; and in the Junior division there are Ariadna Alcocer, Josué Enrique Catzin and Jade Melissa Chávez; remembering that the tests were 200, 300, 500, 1000 and 5000 meters.

Finally, in the judo discipline, which took place in the “Dos Aguas” sports dome in Tulum, the winners were Karen Herrera, Naomi Cardona, Ariadna Chaves, Ignacio Godínez, Jesús Ciau, Guillermo Méndez, Cristofer Alí Sánchez, Fernando Montejo, Joshua Dzul, Crisaliz Godínez, Máximo Vásquez, Joaquín Molina, Miguel Núñez, Darinel Escamilla, Valeria Escalante, Sharon Xaca, Zaira Chaves, Juan Itza, Emiliano Escalante, Abisai Canales, Jocelyn Saavedra, Natalia Solís, Paola Vargas, Melissa González, Shaim Fonseca , Moisés Puc and Naomi Pozo.

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