Lega Basket Serie A – Trieste Basketball, Ghiacci’s point on the market: “We’re working on some profiles but without the anxiety of having to sign a player at any cost”

The GM of Pallacanestro Trieste Mario Ghiacci absolutely does not want to rush, busy in the last few hours in probing the market to find the right profile that can take the place of Frank Gaines: “These days I’m reading everything and the opposite of everything, the the reality is that up to now we have not made any offers to players”, he explained to Lorenzo Gatto in “Il Piccolo”.

“The only concrete interest, linked to the name of Jamarr Sanders, is linked to the choices that Verona will make – continues Ghiacci-. For the rest we are working on some profiles but without the anxiety of having to sign a player at any cost. We don’t want to rush things and then maybe have to give up opportunities that could suddenly open up”.

The commitment, when the championship resumes on 5 March, against NutriBullet Treviso will therefore not represent a reason to speed up operations at all costs, also because, in the past, the Trieste team has already shown that it can successfully compensate for the absence of important players: “Without going too far in time, last year in Cremona with coach Legovich making his debut due to Franco Ciani’s unavailability due to Covid, we won a match that gave us admission to the Italian Cup Final Eight without Banks and without Juan Fernandez. We want to be quick but choose well”.

Waiting to know who will be the new red and white face, the Julian team is continuing training and preparation in view of the match of the 20th day of Serie A which will oppose it to the troop of coach Marcelo Nicola, an appointment that will lead Trieste to evaluate its own form in the friendly scheduled for Saturday 25 February at the Allianz Dome against Helios Suns Domzale, a team that plays in the Slovenian Liga Nova KBM and in the Aba Liga 2.


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