Led by Ciro Rius, Central Córdoba debuted on the net and achieved its first victory in the League against Argentinos

El Ferroviario stopped El Bicho’s streak and took a breath after a weak start in the local tournament.

Central Cordoba managed to score for the first time in the tournament through Ciro Rios and also achieved his first victory through pure sacrifice after three defeats and a draw. And Argentinos, who came from a good production against Belgrano, had a night to forget just in game number 100 of Gabriel Milito as a coach.

There was an action at 16 minutes that changed part of the game’s history. After a bad start by the goalkeeper Ledesma in a frontal cross into the area, the ball was left to Gabriel Avalos, who finished off and immediately received a strong kick from Goñi. The referee Darío Herrera did not hesitate and scored a penalty. However, from the VAR they warned that Leonardo Heredia was barely ahead when the pass came out that the striker headed with the goalkeeper. From a penalty against and a possible 0-1, to be taken from the bottom by an advanced position. This is how Central Córdoba escaped from starting losing.

In a very even match, without great actions, the Ferroviario tried to exploit the visitor’s line of three and attack quickly from the ends. When he saw that hole, Farioli opened quickly for Besozzi on the left, the former Lanús gained speed and sent a low cross past for the entry of Ciro Rius, who scored 1-0.

After a bad first half, Milito reached into the bench, brought on Gonzalo Verón and Fabricio Domínguez and the team became more aggressive. Avalos was more accompanied and, in addition, Cabrera began to appear more often as a winger. The local was saved from being left with 10 because the lack of Torres on the goalkeeper Lanzilotta was quite strong. For Herrera, who had problems with the intercom, it was only yellow.

Before the injuries due to fatigue to Besozzi, Soraire and Maciel, Madelón decided to defend the first three points with a line of five in defense and 4 midfielders and only Castelli up front. The local suffered the same, because El Bicho had his chances: Verón missed once, Cabrera twice, Ledesma took a good header from Avalos to the corner and Nuss defined very badly. All the situations were generated from the center, without too much development of the game, far from other productions of the La Paternal team.

Rius’ goal


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