LaMeuse Football | Pierre François, general manager of RFC Liège (N1), has gone through all the important Sang & Marine files with a fine-toothed comb: “RFC Liège has become one of the master purchases in Belgium”

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Currently second in Nationale 1, the Liégeois are well placed to hang on to a climb in D1B. “At the moment, we have the right to be confident insofar as we have a quality group, well coached, united and where everyone is involved”, estimates the Theuxois Pierre François. “We have not yet given up this place of champion. I don’t think we were inferior to Patro during the trip to Patro Maasmechelen but if we finish 3rd, that will be good too. »

License and stadium project

As confided by the general manager of the RFCL, the documents for the 1B license have been returned by the date fixed by the regulations of the Federation. “We are now called upon to answer the Auditor’s questions. We hope to obtain this license on first reading. A decision is to be expected in mid-April. »

The next investment is the replacement of their synthetic pitch. “It’s a new obligation in terms of the license, we need the Fifa Quality Pro certificate that we will have since we ordered a synthetic cork pitch. Work will begin at the end of the season. Are the stands already there and bring us into compliance. »

The new stadium is not forgotten either. “Today, our stadium can be used as it is in year 1 as well as 2, 3 and 4, as long as we do not claim to go up to D1A. The new stadium will therefore not be released next year since it is no longer an obligation. The stadium project is therefore not a dream or a fantasy, but it no longer has the degree of urgency it had before. »


The Sang & Marine manager affirms that the club is not closed to the arrival of a foreign or Belgian investor but will not open the door to anyone either.

“This investor will have to arrive with the desire to respect the DNA of the club. If we go up to D1B, we will, I hope, interest in terms of visibility sponsors who will understand that a club like ours will need a higher budget than the one we will initially announce with the resulting consequences for the charges that we would like to assume. Today, Liège has become ‘The place to be’, one of the master purchases in Belgium. Higher, it’s already sold and this club which is about to climb a level has a registration number which has a history, has the largest audience of National supporters and is in a city called for a certain renewal. »

Joachim Gilles & Maxime Debra


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