La Rinconada dressed up for the Caribbean Series

The majestic arena of La Rinconada, baptized as the Simón Bolívar Monumental Stadium, opened its doors this Thursday to host the Caribbean classic that had not been held in the country since 2014. Any expectations surrounding it were exceeded. It seems that it was born from the mountains to embrace the Venezuelan capital and exalt its baseball.

From five in the afternoon the access of the fans began, who packed the stands to witness this long-awaited return. By then an orchestra was deployed in the centerfield, which approximately an hour later sang the national anthem, while the Venezuelan tricolor was visible on the giant screen in right field. The whisper of those who proudly sang the Glory to the brave people from their seats could be heard.

Photo: Yoset Montes

At 6:45, just as the afternoon was saying goodbye and night was coming, the party began. The monument went dark and a play of lights on the ground announced the arrival of the sonero of the world, Oscar de León, who was in charge of filling every corner of the stadium with music, which -according to the official report- houses 38,000 seats.

With his confessed love for the Caracas Lions, he went out onto the nearby smiling field and stood up each one of the attendees. Accompanied by the orchestra, he offered a vibrant show, in which he sang his greatest hits and winked at Caribbean customs. But he also awakened the national identity of all those present by singing the llanera soul.

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A fireworks display invaded the left field and closed the spectacular presentation of the sonero of the world. A few minutes later, Federales de Chiriquí (Panama) and Leones del Caracas (Venezuela) took to the field to begin preparing for the opening game.

The stands resounded to the cry of “lion, lion, lion, lion…” and the imposing structure vibrated with the thunderous applause of the fans.

Inauguration of the Caribbean Series (Photo: Yoset Montes)

A proud Venezuelan celebrated the return of the Clásico, which they helped found there in 1949 and still brings us together year after year at the beginning of February to link “ours.” The wait was long, but the reunion made it all worth it.



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