La Liga: Replaced Atlético star Correa scores goal! I’m sorry, what? – FOOTBALL

Atlético star Angel Correa (27) has NEVER scored such a goal …

The Argentine scored from the bench in the weekend’s 1-1 LaLiga draw against Getafe!

It does not work? Yes – with VAR!

Substituted Atlético star scores goal…


Dream solo from the Bayern star
How good is Musiala please?

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The 60th minute of Atlético’s home game against Getafe FC: Madrid corner. The guests block the ball from the six-yard box. margin. Parried. Correa gets the ball completely free and crashes it under the bar. 1:0 – finally the lead!

Or not? The striker quickly notices the assistant’s raised flag: Offside. Correa puts his hands in front of his face and, to make matters worse, is also substituted.

What a used evening…

But then the VAR steps in. Correa’s position on the rebound is considered passive, the hit counts!

Correa gets up from the bench, has already put on a jacket, and jumps in the air with joy. His teammates hurry outside, the usual cheering cluster of players forms on the bench. They celebrate with their teammate who has already been substituted.

In the 83rd minute, Getafe was awarded a controversial hand penalty, Enes Ünal scored to equalize the table penultimate to 1-1. The Final Score.

Then Angel Correa on the bench was no longer in a jubilant mood…



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