Karate, Folgorini among the squad of the Region

Tuesday 7 February 2023 — 10.15am

With commitment and initiative, a specific training was carried out dedicated to a part of the athletes, belonging to the regional youth team and to the seniors, of the Tuscany Regional Committee in the CRTK – FIJLKAM Karate sector

With commitment and resourcefulness, specific training was carried out dedicated to a part of the athletes, belonging to the regional youth and senior team, of the Tuscany Regional Committee in the CRTK Karate sector – FIJLKAM (Italian Judo, Fight, Karate and Martial Arts Federation), the CONI Federation governing the 3 Olympic combat sports. The regional team has arrived in amaranth land after a long absence from Livorno, returning to give new light to the group of young people for the pursuit of the feeling of “Olympicism” of the coastal city.

The Provincial Technical Center – CTP of Livorno, with a particular peculiarity defined as a “travelling office” and coordinated by the FIJLKAM Provincial Coordinator Rico SIMONETTI, for the important occasion, the training was logistically organized and developed, last Saturday, at the sports facility of the “Gruppo Lottatori Livornesi” (breeding ground for young champions of freestyle wrestling) , with about 600 square meters of mattress available.

At the greeting of those present as technicians designated by the President of the CRTK Manuela BONAMICI, for the smooth running of the activity, Francesco PULEO (Technical Collaborator of the CNAG), Lino MILANTA (Regional Technical Commissioner), Antonio CITI (Regional Technical Collaborator and Promotion Manager CTRK) and together with the director sportsman of the facility, the master Igor NENCIONI (Coach of the Youth National Team in the wrestling sector and DT of the Livornese Wrestlers Group) demonstrated with direct testimony, the sporting ethical values ​​enclosed in the FIJLKAM “family”, in which the synergy between the two sectors (Karate and Lotta), has given fruit and tangible possibility of transmitting to young fighters of every specialty and discipline, the principle of the most complete healthy and constructive sporting sharing.

The Center made possible the training and attendance of the athletes summoned from the provinces of Pistoia, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Massa, Carrara and Livorno itself. The operational purpose in identifying the young and future owners of the Regional team, will be operational in anticipation of the next competitive engagement in the month of March, at the official competition of the “Italian Championship for Regional Representatives”, for the interest classes of Cadets (14 – 15 years of age), Juniors (16 – 17 years) and that of seniors (18 – 35 years), scheduled at the PalaPellicone Olympic Center in Lido di Ostia – Rome.

The athletes of the ASD Army – 187 Folgore of Livorno were summoned to this special all-Federal event and took part in training, with the Folgorini – fighting athletes – Andrea BOZZI, Edoardo LIGAS, Giovanni ROMANO and Jacopo CITI.

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