Junior won the pulse of Mexican teams: confirmed a new signing

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After rumors that they put him in Juárez de México, Andrey Estupiñán will play in Barranquilla.

Junior 2023
Photo: Dimayor

Junior from Barranquilla continues to give people something to talk about, waiting to play a good role in the tournament that has already started and that they have not been able to obtain victories in this beginning. Three draws and one defeat is what Arturo Reyes has harvested in the 2023-I BetPlay League with the stellar signing of Juan Fernando Quintero who, although he has been important for the game and is the most sought after by his teammates in the middle of field waiting for the goals and assists to arrive in Barranquilla.

For this transfer market, Junior de Barranquilla has been one of the clubs that has given the most surprises, starting with Juan Fernando Quintero as the brand new hire, in addition to the Uruguayan Federico Andueza, Iván Scarpeta, Carlos Sierra, Vladimir Hernández, Léider Berrío, Brayan Leon, among others.

Apart from the novel by Juan Fernando Quintero, among rumors that he was not going to reach Barranquilla, that he was going to Brazil or the United States, and his signing in Junior ended up being confirmed, but he was not the only soap opera. That he was staying in Santa Fe, that he was leaving, and even confirming his renewal for one more year with the red-and-white team, Andrey Estupiñán’s scenario appears. However, he put a condition on it that President Eduardo Méndez clearly did not allow.

Santa Fe was close to starring again in a case similar to that of Michael Rangel, who when he arrived, put an agreement in the contract in which he said that if a considerable offer came to go abroad, the same player could define his future outside the capital club. That’s how it was, because Rangel continued his career at Mazatlán, although it was a fleeting step back to Deportes Tolima.

When Andrey Estupiñán’s name came out, leaving Independiente Santa Fe, the rumor came that he could sign with Juárez de México as Andrey wanted, but little by little, those options that led him to leave the country faded away and finally, He knocked on the doors of a club that needs goals, but curious, because it already has important players on the wings.

Well, in the midst of uncertainty, Andrey Estupiñán became a new Junior de Barranquilla player. His stay will continue to be linked with Colombia, while Arturo Reyes’ team hopes to return to the victories that have been scarce in 2023 and at the end of 2022. Andrey arrived free in the Atlantic capital after ending his contractual relationship with Independiente Santa Fe. winger signed for one year and gave up his sports rights with a purchase option. This is how the club received it.


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