Jaden Agassi: Rare couple photo with his Catherine

Jaden Agassi (21) rarely shows private recordings from his life on Instagram. But now we get to see a cute couple picture. The son of Steffi Graf (53) and Andre Agassi (52) is probably in love: He posts a picture with his girlfriend Catherine, you can see a mirror photo, the two nestle up close to each other and make a kiss. The son of the tennis legends writes: “Miss you” and links his girlfriend’s profile. Jaden Agassi is not otherwise so emotional on Instagram – he posts more sporty content. Contrary to expectations, the 21-year-old does not play tennis, his passion is baseball.

Michelle Hunziker with a new hairstyle: The model wears a long bob again

Presenter and model Michelle Hunziker (46) proudly shows her new hairstyle on Instagram. The mother of three cut off a few centimeters from her blonde mane and now presents herself with a stylish long bob.

It’s no wonder that the hairstyle suits her perfectly – it’s not the first time that the native Swiss has dared to try this cut. Michelle’s blonde mane has been decreasing in length for about a year and a half. While she used to have long hair, her hairstyle is now becoming sportier and shorter. It also seems as if the 46-year-old has refreshed her hair color – but she remains true to the radiant blonde.

Back with Mama Elvira: Boris Becker shows his fans on Instagram the place where his tennis career began

When visiting his hometown, Boris Becker (55) becomes very sentimental. On Instagram he shares a photo of the tennis court in Leimen. This is where the ex-professional athlete was born and grew up. No wonder he shares a snapshot with his fans right away. He wants to show where his career began. He writes about the picture: “I was 3 years old when my father took me to my very first tennis club (TC BW Leimen). It’s nice to be where it all began.”

The second photo he posts shows him with his mom Elvira (87) in her living room. Arm in arm, the two beam into the camera. Boris’ fans are thrilled. “It’s nice that you don’t forget and appreciate your roots,” writes a follower under his post. His followers especially like the photo with his mom. “The picture with your mother is heartbreaking,” says one comment.

Verona Pooth says goodbye to her father-in-law with moving words

It’s a photo from happy times that Verona Pooth (54) shares on Instagram. The whole family is gathered and beams into the camera – Verona, her husband Franjo Pooth (53), their children San Diego (19), Rocco (11) and Franjo’s parents.

But it is only through Verona’s words about the photo that it becomes clear what a sad occasion she had to post the family picture. Verona’s father-in-law, Franjo Senior (short for Franz-Josef) has died at the age of 87. “There are no words that can describe how much we miss you, rest in peace and look down on your loving family from above, in our hearts, dear Franjo, you are always with us,” writes Verona about the family picture together . His grandchildren, San Diego and Rocco, also miss their grandfather very much, according to Pooth.



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