‘It’s stupid to go against it’; Brady and Belichick talked feud Halftime

The NFL recently received news that shook its fans, since the last great legend of this sport decided to end his career inside the grills.

Tom Brady, who will achieve seven Super Bowl rings (six with New England and one with the Buccaneers), announced that this was his last season as a professional, leaving a huge gap in contact sports.

Brady and Belichick don’t have a good relationship?

In the past, it was said that one of the main culprits for Tom Brady leaving the New England team it was his trainer Bill Belichick, with whom he broke relations. However, on Brady’s podcast they got back together and revealed details of their relationship.

“There’s nobody I’d rather be associated with,” the now-retired quarterback said. “I think it’s always a stupid conversation to say ‘Brady vs Belichick’ because, in my opinion, that’s not what a society is about.

“We didn’t always agree, but we always respected each other. I know he respected me for the job I did and I certainly did the same,” said the Patriots head coach.

What is Brady going to do?

Tom Brady, recently retired quarterback and considered the greatest player in NFL history, announced Monday that he will begin his career as a television commentator with Fox Sports in the fall of 2024.

“Last week I spoke with people from Fox Sports and we agreed that my participation will start in the fall of 2024. That will be great for me because I will have the time to learn several things to become good at it,” Brady said during his participation in the program. The Herd hosted by Colin Cowherd.



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