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After several editions of the Badminton Dark Games tournament, the Swaps and the Life Service of the personnel of theUA wanted to propose this year to the FFSE (sports federation of sport in business) a new formula. It is therefore this time a sporting challenge consisting of 4 events to be carried out by teams of 5 or 6 people which is organized on Friday evening March 10. These events, lasting 15 minutes each, are to be carried out collectively: from the night trail in duo to a wheelchair biathlon/laser shooting, there will be something for everyone! So on your marks ready! It’s time for registrations. A total of 50 teams are expected for this evening, which is aimed at all companies or communities in the 49.



  • Each team is made up of 5 to 6 people
  • 4 Challenges”UA Games” of 15 minutes will be taken up by team
  • Minimum of 4 participants per team for each challenge (possible rotation)
  • The challenges are carried out collectively in the form of individual or duo relays depending on the events.
  • A classification will be made on the results of each event.


Individual event in the form of a relay during which each torchbearer loaded with a 10kg bag will have to complete a course with squats, obstacle crossings over a length of approximately 30m.

Objective >> Travel as far as possible in 15 minutes.

  • Relais Trail Duo Nocturne

Duet event in the form of a relay during which the pair must complete a marked Trail course with a few obstacles to overcome (bale of straw) as quickly as possible. Each loop is approximately 250m. Each runner is provided with a headlamp serving as a relay indicator after each lap completed.

Objective >> Travel as far as possible in 15 minutes.

  • Rowing and Cycling Challenge

Collective events during which the team must cover the maximum distance in 15 minutes on a bicycle and an indoor rower (simultaneous events). A bike and a rower are available per team, the members of it take turns as soon as they wish on one or other of the devices.

Objective >> Cover the greatest possible distance by bike and rower in 15 minutes (separate rankings for each event)

Duet event in the form of a relay during which the pair must first complete a relay course in a wheelchair (about 20m) before going to a shooting test on which a number of points (50) must be totaled in performing series of 3 shots alternately before passing the baton to the next pair.

Objective >> Accumulate as many points as possible in 15 minutes

A classification of the 45 teams will be carried out on each event by allocating a number of points according to its classification as follows: 1is = 45 points, 2th = 44 points……..45th = 1 point.
The addition of the 5 results (Obstacle course, Trail, Cycling, Rowing machine and Biathlon) will make it possible to achieve the final classification of the Challenge.

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