Independiente wants to avoid a repeat of the Verón case and is negotiating with Hachen, who is demanding his contract after having played only 11 games

The 32-year-old from Rosario was part of the adjustment that the new leadership headed by Fabián Doman applied to the professional squad. How much is the footballer claiming?

The new leadership of Independent seeks in its first months of management to differentiate itself from its predecessor, which was chaired by Hugo Moyano. For this reason, the president Fabian Doman and company are behind the solutions to all the problems that the institution drags and that come to light every week. And one of those issues that they immediately addressed so that it doesn’t lead to a new Gonzalo Verón case is the situation of Gabriel Hachenwho intimidated Red for non-payment and, not being taken into account, demands that the entirety of his contract be recognized, some 140 million pesos.

Hachen, 32, arrived at Independiente in mid-2022 from Defense and Justice, with the pass in his possession. The previous Board of Directors signed a bond for 18 months. However, after the elections, the leadership that he assumed began to rearrange the squad and make decisions to accommodate the numbers of professional soccer. They detected that the salary of the Rosario, who had barely played 11 games (three as a starter) without scoring goals with the Devil’s shirt, was one of the highest in the team and they could not afford it.

That’s why they engaged in talks with their representative, Christian Bragarnikto reach an agreement and terminate the contract, which expires in December 2023. But the player did not wait and chose to resort to Argentine Soccer Players to send a telegram intimidating the payment of the debt (three months), otherwise it would be declared in freedom of action.

Gabriel Hachen played just 11 games for Independiente.

Unlike what happened with the claim of Gonzalo Veronwhich initiated a lawsuit against the club for 6 million dollars Due to non-payment due to not receiving a legal response from the institution, the current managers responded and paid two months of salary in arrears to demonstrate their willingness to pay and seek a solution by mutual agreement. However, Hachen’s position is rigid since to leave he wants them to comply with what he signed, that is, his entire contract until the end of this year.

What Doman and the lawyers are trying to dribble is for all this conflict to end in the courts and a legal path begins that would surely extend beyond their mandate, as is the case with the Verón case, whose trial is still going ahead.

Of course there are differences. Hachen’s thing is not even close to the exorbitant amount requested by the striker who had arrived in the Ariel Holan era. Also, this situation was addressed right away just so it doesn’t snowball.

as he learned Clarion, these days the parties are in talks to find a peaceful solution. An installment plan could be the remedy to a headache that could be bigger in the future.

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