In Greece it was not played because the goals were lower!

Unusual, but real! The duel between Atromitos and the AEKof Matias Almeydacorresponding to date 21 of the Greek Super League got suspended for non-compliance with the regulations FIFA: the arches did not meet the correct measurements.

Prior to the start of the match between Atromitos y AEKthe team led by the Argentine coach Matias Almeyda, complained about the height of the arches from the Peristeri Municipal Stadium. After measuring them, they corroborated that did not meet the regulatory height of 2.44 and they were 3 and 5 centimeters shorter.

As a result of the difficulty presented by the stadium arches for the 21st round of the Greek Super League, the referee Evangelos Manouchos decided to delay the start of the match by 30 minutes so that the home team can fix the problem on both fences.

However, the problem could not be solved and the referee decided to suspend the match and it must be played with a date to be defined. He AEK of Almeida remained, momentarily, in second place in the standings with one game less and one point less than Panathinaikos.

Work on the playing field to solve the goal problem

Photo and video: @enwsi



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