In college, the delicate implementation of two hours of additional sport

About thirty students from the Jean-Jaurès college in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis) are kitting themselves out, boxing shoes and gloves, tennis rackets, they are ready to let off steam in the ring and on the court. The establishment is one of 173 voluntary pilot colleges which, in forty-six departments, are experimenting with adding two hours of sport each week to their timetable.

Since the 2022 All Saints holidays, every Thursday afternoon from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., student volunteers at this establishment, which is part of the REP+ priority education network, are offered Thai boxing lessons and of tennis. “This opens up sports activities to students that they don’t necessarily have access to.rejoices the principal, Yamin Horch. We decided to support families by providing all the necessary equipment, and it’s a success! » Twelve students enrolled in Thai boxing, twenty in tennis.

With this device, launched in favor of the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP) and carried out in partnership with local clubs, the objective of the State is to make young people move more. “In an attempt to fight against the dropout from sports practice among young people, visible from the 6theespecially among young girls.insists the Ministry of Sports and JOP. A report from the National Health Security Agency of food, the environment and work (ANSES) dating from 2020 established that 66% of adolescents faced a worrying health risk due to a high level of sedentary lifestyle.

winning bet

The implementation of this experiment is however anything but simple. “We had to push certain colleges to volunteer because we wanted to cover the whole of France”, recognizes the Ministry of Sports and JOP. For his part, the principal of the Jean-Jaurès college in Pantin says he has not “was only contacted in July” 2022, while the timetables were already being constructed.

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“I was a bit panicked as the government was asking us to partner with local clubs… On enquiring, very few clubs and sports facilities were available on our schedules”, says Yamin Horch. Finally, a Thai boxing club and a tennis club joined the scheme. A winning bet: two students enrolled in the latter. “We are even considering expanding the practice of basketball by spring”notes the principal.

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