“If City are guilty, they will have betrayed football”

Following the Premier League statement in which Manchester City has been placed under suspicion for alleged financial irregularities since 2009, the responses and reactions from England have not been long in coming. The great dominator of English football in recent years has been “surprised” due to the alleged infringements and, The situation that Pep Guardiola’s team is experiencing is more uncertain than ever.

One of the most prestigious newspapers on the islands, The Guardian, collects in his environment through an opinion column his sincere analysis of the investigation. Its author, Barney Ronay, an English journalist. “Sport only works if it is real, credible and direct. Any club that breaks the rules must be severely punished.”, begins by stating Ronay in his text. In it, the London-born writer also talks about the supposed sanction by UEFA on City in 2020 with a two-year suspension without playing in the Champions League and, that finally, was in borage water.

“That guilty verdict was thrown out because the Court of Arbitration for Sport decided, by a 2-1 majority, that some of UEFA’s claims were time-barred and the charges ‘were not frivolous’. Or what is the same, that the weight of evidence was not sufficient in that case.” Barney confesses. Three years after said sanction, now the English journalist summarizes and clarifies these new possible irregularities as “we could have an absolute new shit show on our hands.”

In his article, Barney also talks about the criticism that the Premier League is suffering as the dominant league in the latest transfer market and urges fans citizens not to throw balls out with him “There are a lot of tricks in other places too.” Because according to the English journalist, “if City are found guilty of manipulating the books during an entire era of success in English football, It will have turned off all that light forever.”.

The London journalist is the voice of many fans who, whatever the cost, are only looking for justice and fair football. “City are accused of not only breaking the rules, but also betraying that show. This is a club that has won 14 major national trophies during that period, taken your favorite player, retained the best manager in the world and dominated the stage. All of this has been based on being able to afford it and, if found guilty, the punishment shall be proportionately severe.”



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