“I still do not understand why we resigned”, claims Jean-Claude Skrela

Jean-Claude Skrela has had 46 selections with the France team. Panoramic

The resigned elected member of Ovale Ensemble – the opposition of the Laporte clan – reconsiders this announcement and castigates the decision.

New twist within the French Rugby Federation. While Alexandre Martinez was appointed interim president of the FFR yesterday, Le Figaro revealed on Tuesday that Jean-Claude Skrela, member of Ovale Ensemble – opposition group to Bernard Laporte’s team – had tried to reverse the decision to resign. In a forum, the former coach of the XV of France disputes this decision and does not hide his sadness.

“I don’t know the reason”

«My position was that we should stay on the FFR Steering Committee: out of respect for the clubs that voted for us, granting us successively 49 and 51%. Our resignation prevents those who voted for us from being represented on the Steering Committee of the FFR. We cannot abandon the clubs that have placed their trust in us», Explains Skrela at first before continuing: «Why withdraw now? I don’t know the reason. It is not a decision that was taken collectively within the group of elected officials of Ovale Ensemble».

Jean-Claude Skrela wishes to recall “that he never threw in the towel“especially when he played at Isle Jourdain in the 4th series before becoming an international or coaching the XV of France. “I never changed sides, I never will. I was at the initiative of the group which will later become Ovale Ensemble. I remain faithful to my commitments, convictions and ideas. Democracy is a constructive exchange, or not… Can you imagine a political group in the National Assembly or the Senate resigning in the middle of a session? You have to know how to keep your nerves, then details the elected opposition member.

«As a club leader told me, you are gone, we are nothing. I can’t resolve it. Yes I am sad», Regrets Jean-Claude Skrela.

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