Horror on the bridge. The monster flew at the people unstoppably

Those who actually saw what was happening wouldn’t be afraid of blood. “Someone could have died in Hinzenbach during the Women’s World Cup. A 500-kilogram cutter broke off. It was a scary picture, those down there were very lucky,” the relevant pictures appeared on the networks. Some reports said the device weighed only half as much, even so it was a horror movie.

The track-editing cutter left the approach clear. Fortunately, the technical team working on the impact was able to retreat to safety from the uncontrolled flying colossus.

Even so, the camera footage offers a rather menacing spectacle. Those who wanted to joke could state that the machine could not handle the bounce, the flight phase or the impact, but it is probably not very suitable for jokes.

Rather, it is being investigated how it could have happened in the first place. On ORF television, Bernhard Zauner, representing the organizers, admitted that it was a series of unfortunate events. The failure of the initial securing of the machine was at their inception.

In the end, it only had devastating consequences for the cutter itself.


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