Honorary Award for Mr. Kamochi (Swimming) and Mr. Minohara (Bicycle) Mr. Inoue (Director of Saga Commercial High School Judo Club) and other special prizes | Sports | Saga Shimbun News

Mr. Inoue (Director of Saga Commercial High School Judo Club) et al.

Mr. Yasuhiro Inoue (left), coach of the Judo club of Saga Commercial High School, receiving the special prize (Grande Hagakure in Saga City)

The award ceremony for the “Saga Prefecture Sports Award”, which honors athletes and coaches who played an active part in the 2022 sports tournament, was held on the 31st at Grande Hagakure in Saga City. The Honorable Mention went to Mr. Yoshikazu Kamochi (Mercari, from Karatsu City), who won two silver medals in swimming at the Deaflympics, which is said to be the Olympics for the deaf, and Mr. Yukari Minohara (Speee, Kanzaki City), who won three bronze medals in cycling. from) won the award.

In 2010, a total of 177 players, coaches, support companies, etc. were given honorary awards, special awards, and awards for excellence. At the ceremony, Governor Yoshiyoshi Yamaguchi handed out certificates of commendation to the athletes and coaches representing the winners, saying, “We have received a record number of people, and we are getting more and more excited for next year’s Saga Country Sports (National Sports Tournament). Let’s make the SSP concept a success with all Saga and create a new sports scene from Saga.”

Mr. Yasuhiro Inoue, the director of the Saga Commercial High School Judo Club, who received the special award, gave a speech on behalf of the team, saying, “I received this award with a lot of support. I will prepare to win and aim for even higher heights so that I can demonstrate my strength in the Saga country sports. I will continue,” he said.

The Honor Award is given to athletes and coaches who have achieved remarkable results in the Olympics, Paralympics, and world championships. Special prizes are awarded at international competitions, and excellence awards are given to athletes who have been selected to represent the Olympic and Paralympic teams and who have performed well in national competitions. (Sonkyo Kitagawa)



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