Hein Vanhaezebrouck pays for his management: “We are in the hands of the agents”

After the defeat against Genk, Hein Vanhaezebrouck had a very clear message against his management following the transfer window.

La Gantoise lost Ibrahim Salah during this transfer window, who left for a surprising amount (6.5 million) in Rennes via a well-known agent, and to bail out the coffers of La Gantoise who needed it. Against Genk, Malick Fofana started and showed great things. But Hein Vanhaezebrouck could not help but compare the policies of Ghent and his opponent of the day. “The means made the difference today. Genk has many more resources and uses them more intelligently,” asserts the Buffalos coach, who had a very limited bench at his disposal this Sunday.

“Listen, today I could have included one or the other youngster in my selection. But they weren’t ready, so I didn’t do it,” explains Vanhaezebrouck. “Salah and Fofana are the only youngsters who can handle the pressure of this level. No one follows. That’s the difference with Genk. Their youth school is solid. What about us? We depend on players who arrive via agents. Then we are proud to say that we have a youngster from Jordan, a youngster from Haiti”.

A clear tackle to Michel Louwagie who, taking stock of the transfer window, had mentioned the nationality of two young talents. “How many of these guys have ended up in the A team in the last 20 years? You don’t need a hand to count them, two fingers is enough”. Ouch…



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