“He made a difference in just ten minutes”

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Carlo Ancelotti on Álvaro Rodríguez: “He made the difference in just ten minutes”

“He’s tall, he handles the ball well and he’s formidable with a header”, said the tano about the Uruguayan nine and added: “he’s going to help us a lot”.

18.02.2023 19:57

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The Real Madrid coach was full of praise for the debut of Uruguayan striker Álvaro Rodríguez in the Spanish League where he assisted for Marco Asensió’s second goal in the away win against Osasuna.

“He’s a player who has many qualities,” said the Italian Carlo Ancelotti when asked about the youth’s work: “he’s tall, he handles the ball well and he’s a formidable header.”

“He can help us like today”, he mentioned later and went further: “it is not easy to enter Madrid being young and also well focused. He has made the difference in ten minutes”.

“He’s going to help us this season, I’m convinced”, he stressed later and when asked if he would definitely keep him in the first team instead of continuing to play in the subsidiary, he reflected: “we have to discuss it with Raúl”.

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