Grimaldi has ordered 15 car carriers in three months |

Grimaldi He exercised the purchase option of another five units added to the 10 he had already requested, to reach 15 in less than three months.

In addition, the vessels have received the Ammonia Ready class notation from RINA (Italian Ship Registry), which certifies that they are designed for eventual conversion to be powered by ammonia.

The order comes within the framework of the agreement signed at the end of October with China Merchants Heavy Industries Jiangsu (a company belonging to China Merchant Industry Holdings – CMI) for the construction of five new PCTC (Pure Car & Truck Carrier) vessels.

The concept of the new ships was developed by the Grimaldi Group in collaboration with the Knud E. Hansen naval architecture and design studio.

With a cargo capacity of more than 9,000 CEUs (Automobile Equivalent Units), they are designed to carry both electric and fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

These ships will be equipped with lithium mega-batteries, solar panels and ground connection capacity (cold ironing), which -when available- constitutes an ecological alternative to the consumption of fossil fuels during stays in port.



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