great participation of students, teachers and parents

The long-awaited event received great response and appreciation in recent days, on January 24th Open Day which was held at l’I.C. Mercogliano (in the province of Avellino), subsequently to the other offices of the Comprehensive of Torelli and Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo.

The return to the presence was a stimulus to organize many workshops in which teachers and pupils creatively presented the activities that characterize the lessons during the year, in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

the leader Alessandra Tarantino she welcomed students and parents into the auditorium with the usual grace, assisted behind the scenes by the vicar Anna Caposselatalented violinist giving the start to the performance of the school orchestra and choir led by the music and instrument teachers.

The visit continued thanks to the guidance of the students of the Institute who acted as hostesses and stewards to the various groups of visitors who were able to attend the various performances prepared by the teachers, a succession of creative ideas that ranged from ancient Egypt to romantic music , from games in English, French and Spanish to Badminton in the gym, from scientific experiments to the programming of a robot, from the emotions of reading to a scenographic setting up of an artistic studio from the 1920s.

Particularly original was also the screening of a short film made by the teachers Joseph DeMaio e Raffaella White in period costume and shot in black and white with retro effects.

All the staff of the school have also given their best to fill a bit of prejudice that one encounters in a small center which, living in the orbit of a larger city, must be able to offer something more and encourage the community not to leave the place where do you live.

The Mercogliano school has always been attentive to hospitality and this year it has also activated personalized Italian language courses for the Ukrainian children welcomed in the village.

The real added value of this event was to create an opportunity for the school and families to meet, emphasizing human relationships rather than pulling the wool over their eyes, as so often happens during Open Days.

Hospitality, entertainment, emotions and didactic ideas, these are the watchwords of the IC Mercogliano.



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