García Luna and Humberto Moreira bribed El Universal with 25 million pesos: witness – El Sol de México

Genaro Garcia Luna and Humberto Moreira Valdezformer Secretary of Security in the government of Felipe Calderón and governor of the PRI for Coahuila (2005-2011), respectively, they allegedly gave bribes for 25 million pesos to the newspaper El Universal between 2008 and 2010, assured the former Finance Secretary of the former Coahuila president, Hector Javier Villareal.

When testifying at the hearing this Monday in the trial that García Luna is being followed for drug trafficking crimes, the former Moreira official presented before the jury of the East Court in Brooklyn, New York, and before Judge Brian Cogan, invoices of those alleged bribes to the newspaper with national circulation.

We recommend: Mexico will wait for the end of the trial to evaluate requesting the extradition of García Luna

Villareal explained that one of the invoices addressed to the newspaper, which is owned by Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz, was for the concept of “2009 tourism rescue campaign advertising”.

“That campaign never existed. It was just to justify the resource output. That was money for El Universal requested by García Luna and that I got from the Finance Secretariat of the government of Moreira”, he stressed.

Villarreal Hernández, who was arrested in 2014 in the United States and that same year pleaded guilty to two counts of money laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to transport stolen money, declared that the payment of the 25 million pesos paid to that newspaper were monthly.

He added that he operated the closing of that arrangement in Mexico City with an envoy from García Luna and that they took the money in cash to the offices of that communication medium, in Bucareli and Paseo de la Reforma.

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He also stated, with the invoice in hand, that on June 24, 2009 there was another extra payment to that newspaper in the amount of ten million pesos to do “favors” for García Luna, but that they were paid with money from the government of Coahuila.


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