Fantastic comeback from Anadolu Efes

While the navy-whites won their 13th victory in the league, Darüşşafaka Lassa was defeated for the 10th time.

The fight started with both teams’ mutual under-pot points and the 5th minute of the match was passed with the home team’s 10-9 advantage. Increasing the gap with the good plays of Ercan Osmani, Olaseni and Doğuş Özdemiroğlu in the last section where Anadolu Efes had turnovers, Darüşşafaka Lassa finished the first period 24-13 with a margin of 11 points.

Anadolu Efes dropped to 7 points (30-23) with Clyburn’s effective play in the second period, down 13 points with a score of 26-13. Responding with Ercan Osmani’s good game, the home team finished the first half ahead 43-33.

Anadolu Efes showed a better game in the third period, and in the first 5 minutes, Beaubois’s three pointer and Larkin’s under-the-pot reduced the lead to 4 points: 49-45. Increasing the lead again with Ercan Osmani’s effective play, Darüşşafaka Lassa was ahead 62-57 in the last quarter against Anadolu Efes, to which Clyburn contributed 8 points.

The green-blacks, who continued to play well in the last period and passed the first 5 minutes with 72-61 superiority; Clyburn, Larkin, M’Baye and Beaubois’s good play could not prevent Anadolu Efes’ effort to close the gap and the two teams drew 80-80 in the last 27 seconds. The guest Anadolu Efes managed to win the game 80-83, which Clyburn scored with a three-pointer with splits left.

Salon: Ayhan Şahenk

Referees: Alper Altuğ Köselerli, Mehmet Serdar Unal, Özge Şentürk Bayraktar

Darüşşafaka Lassa: Olaseni 11, Starks 6, Ercan Osmani 31, Can Korkmaz 5, McCullough 3, Canberk Kuş, Yeboah 2, Doğuş Özdemiroğlu 18, Hakan Sayılı, White 4

Anadolu Efes: Larkin 8, Beaubois 20, Clyburn 25, M’Baye 16, Furkan Haltali 2, Erten Gazi, Bugrahan Tuncer, Pleiss, Dunston 12, Egehan Arna

1. Period: 24-13

Circuit: 43-33

3. Period: 62-57

With 5 fouls: 34.26 Starks, 39.30 McCullough (Darüşşafaka Lassa)



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