Excursionistas eliminated him on penalties from the Copa Argentina

In Florencio Varela, the Primera C team prevailed 6-5 in the definition after a 1-1 draw in the 1990s, despite playing with 10 players for more than 40 minutes.

Sebastián Roll Romero I knew that the duel against Excursionistas for the 32nd final of the Argentine Cup. That’s why the coach Gym decided to put the majority of the starters for the game played on the court of Defense and Justice. But, as he says slogan, in the Cup “anything can happen” and the blow suffered against it seems very hard for the Lobo coach. And it is that the La Plata team not only lost to a cast that disputed the First C, but the rival played almost 40 minutes with one less player and at a disadvantage by one goal.

The chronicle will indicate that Gimnasia y Excursionistas tied 1-1 and that the cast of Bajo Belgrano prevailed 6-5 on penalties. The people from La Plata had taken the lead with goals from Alan Lescano, while Leonel Barrios equalized 15 minutes from the end. He endured Excursionistas with one less man due to the expulsion of Francisco Abre 5 minutes into the second half and reached the penalty shootout, where he would end up celebrating with the hundreds of fans who came to Florencio Varela.

It is written that the blow is presumed hard for Roll Romero because he is somewhat questioned by the fans of Gymnastics. Actually, the people of La Plata have been upset since the departure of Néstor Gorosito. The new leadership headed by Mariano Cowen (he took office in December 2022) had no other option than to reduce the budget inherited from the management of Gabriel Pellegrino and important footballers came out (Brahian Aleman, Rodrigo Rey, Ramón Sosa, Agustín Cardozo), in addition to Beanie. He opted for Sebastián Romero, the Reserve coach, because he knew most of the youth players. He was a strong bet.

And the season did not start well: they fell against Vélez and Defensa y Justicia, drew against Banfield and was able to win last date against Instituto. But that joy was short-lived and was cut short with the elimination against Excursionistas.

“The feeling is of anger and a lot of pain. We wanted to give people joy, but we have to keep working and a lot. You will also learn and strengthen yourself from these things. Obviously it is not the ideal way: I don’t take anything with me positive now because I am very upset”, stressed Roll after deletion. And he added: “The people thing is impressive, that’s my biggest pain. We’re going to keep working so that this can be turned around on Monday, we have to look ahead and keep building this team, which always shows its face and stands up to everyone the parties. From the attitude we can not say anything “.

They will have a rematch soon Gymnastics and Roll: Monday they visit Barracas Central at 5:00 p.m.


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