Euroleague: Napier and Davies push Olimpia Milano against Panathinaikos, report cards

Euroleague: Napier and Davies push Olimpia Milano against Panathinaikos, report cards

Tight match at the Forum where Olimpia Milano prevails in the final and wins 78-76

In the first half Napier and Melli put the team on their shoulders, while Derrick Williams scores repeatedly for the guests. The quality of the game is not excellent and injuries rained down (Datome out and Mitrou-Long bruised) and with a lackluster Luwawu-Cabarrot the green-and-whites remained in the game.
However, the quality of the shots from the arc increases and Milan takes advantage of it, opening the area for the incursions of Tonut, and a discreet defense keeps Pana in the back of a wild Williams.
The Greeks return in the final but two free throws by Melli 11 seconds from the end seal the match.


Davies 6,5: he doesn’t experience a period of great form but he always has the shots and grows a lot during the game.

Thomas 6: defrosted in the last quarter, it performs the homework flawlessly.

Luwawu-Cabarrot 4: confusing, foul (tax arbitrators with him), never finds rhythm.

Mitrou-Long 5: unfortunate because he hurts his ankle, but the feeling is that he is never in control. Pure instinct that often derails.

Tonut 7: good performance both in defense (and rebound) and in attack where he finds his penetrations. You need confidence in shooting.

Melli 7: Solid on both sides of the court with rebounds and points.

Baron 6,5: inaccurate from the arc but spins the ball well.

Napier 7: occasionally he messed up by dribbling too much but his hand was precise and always created dangerous situations

Alviti ne

Hines 6: it manages.

Datome s.v. he injured his ankle, his year was very unfortunate.

Voigtmann 5: it’s always a “I wish but I can’t” where it alternates good things with gross mistakes.


Wolters 6,5: solid proof.

Lee 6,5: a few too many mistakes from the arc but it creates a lot for the teammates.

Papagiannis 6: too many turnovers and sometimes fails to adequately exploit his size.

Williams 8: gigantic performance, Pana basically stays alive thanks to him

Thomas 5: inaccurate and its performance suffers

Samontourov no

Bacon 5,5: too many mistakes and the feeling that with him the team stops too much.

Ponitka 5: excellent rebound but blunt in attack.

Gregory 5: few minutes without any impact.

Mantzoukas 5.5: few opportunities to show off.


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