Enzo Fernández: the money that comes to River Plate for his transfer to Chelsea | Argentine League

After the World Cup that Argentina had as champion and with the revelation of the tournament at the age of 22, Enzo Fernández, the eyes of Europe were on the midfielder of Sporting Benfica. Enzo left River Plate and in a matter of six months, the millionaire club honored his nickname, and also benefits from the transfer of Fernández to Chelsea in England. The transfer market had a lot of uncertainty with the Argentine, his team and the English, until it came to fruition.

With just a few hours to go until the January transfer market ended, Chelsea struck and paid the 120 million euros, although it is said in England that it amounts to a little more to tie Enzo Fernández precisely this season where they should add by three so as not to lose footprint.

Far from their best moment, Chelsea has become the team that has signed the most during this window, and with Enzo Fernández they got the player they wanted so much, who described the offers they sent as disrespectful until they finally took letters in the matter by paying the termination clause. 120 million euros that make Enzo break two impressive records. He is the most expensive Argentine in history, surpassing Gonzalo Higuaín and the 90 million that Juventus paid when he played for Napoli, and he is also the most expensive signing in the Premier League after beating Jack Grealish who signed with Manchester City for 117 millions.

Of course, Chelsea paid a million dollars for Enzo Fernández that also fits Sporting Benfica perfectly, but another of those who knew how to do the business was River Plate, who, in just six months, managed to pocket a lot of money. If anyone knows how to negotiate, it is without a doubt the River Plate team that stayed, firstly with 25% of the sports rights of the World Cup revelation, and secondly, they signed several more bonds.

Enzo Fernández came to Benfica for 10 million euros, and River Plate took the opportunity to keep 25% of the Argentine’s sports rights. This being the case, more or less 30 million euros would come in for the transfer to Chelsea, but according to the newspaper Olé, they also established some important bonuses for goals achieved. If Enzo played 10, 25, 40 and 50 games, he would get two million more. He was about to meet his 40th match, but they left him out of the call.

In addition to the matches played, the issue of the objectives also helps, and the 3.5% solidarity mechanism would allow River Plate to pocket 4,200,000 euros and additionally with the bonuses to earn just over 49.5 million. A great deal made by the Argentines in six months.


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