El Frigoríficos, to try to make a clean slate to beat Valladolid before the break

Learn from what happened and do clean slate immediately to prepare for Saturday’s match against Recoletas Valladolid. The Frigoríficos del Morrazo-Construcciones Castro had a rest day yesterday after Sunday’s defeat in Torrelavega, a result that leaves bad feelings due to the eleven-minute “slut” at the start of the second half. A section of the game in which the Cangueses ruined the excellent work in the first half and in which they mortgaged their options in the second. “We missed ten attacking actions in those minutes and it’s very difficult to win, either at home or away”admitted yesterday the coach of the cangueses, Nacho Moyano.

Several causes influenced this blackout. One was the defensive intensity of Torrelavega, very different from that of the first half. But the coach of the Cangueses does not shy away from self-criticism and looks inward. “We made a mistake in how we had to attack and we began to make mistakes that we hadn’t made in the entire first half”reflects Nacho Moyano. Added to this are others “unforced” errors, such as launch errors in clear actions in front of the goal. Balls that went to the post or crossbar or that went outside without Mijuskovic touching them. “These are situations that you don’t transform, they do and so it’s very difficult to get hooked on the game again,” he points out. Even with all of Cangas, he had an attempt to react, with a 1-4 run, but it was drowned by those mistakes.

This match is the one that leaves the worst feelings within the Canguesa squad so far in the second round, especially since it was the only one in which Frigoríficos was not able to compete until the end. However, Moyano also remembers the Torrelavega potential. “People tend to underestimate them, but they have a great squad, they are fourth and are fighting to enter Europe“, remember.

The work is now focused on Valladolid, a team with which Cangas is andtied on points (13). After the duel against the Valladolid will come a long break in league: on the weekend of March 11 and 12 there is no competition due to the commitments of the Spanish team and on the 18 and 19 the Asobal Cup is held. In between, Frigoríficos will travel to Malaga to play the match corresponding to the Copa del Rey on March 15. The next league commitment will be the last weekend of this month of March, with the visit to FC Barcelona. “All the games are of capital importance and I think that any team would pay to have the calendar that we have for this second round. But having said that, you have to win and get points. And we cannot think that it is worth only what we do at home, we have to score abroad”, warns Moyano.

After the dispute of the last day, the Plenitude Asobal League is even more even thanks to Sinfín’s victory in Benidorm, which stands with 14 points, and Cisne’s victory against Ademar León. “It is one of the years with more equality. At this point there were always one or two teams off the hook, but this season it’s not like thatYo. Cisne’s victory did not surprise us because we knew that Ademar would arrive with many casualties and with some players who were not in good condition”, points out the Cangas coach. So for the final stretch of competition, Moyano also advocates lightening up before talking about finals each week. “All the important games and there will be everything: wins, draws and losses”sentence.

The squad of Frigoríficos del Morrazo during a timeout on Sunday at the Torrelavega court. Luis Palomeque

Earrings of the evolution of the winger Mario Dorado

The technical staff and the medical services of Frigoríficos del Morrazo are earrings of the evolution of Mario Dorado. The winger had to leave the track of the Vicente Trueba pavilion in the minute 47 of the game supported by his teammates and without being able to support his right leg.

In a defensive action the player suffers a problem in your knee, probably due to poor support. At the moment the extent of the possible injury is unknown and it will be necessary for the inflammation to go down to be able to explore the knee.

Until his retirement, Dorado was completing a great match, with four goals. The club is also awaiting the evolution of the other left winger of the squad, Moisés Simes, who missed the last few games due to physical problems with his calves.


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