defeat in Angri, the hat-trick of victories fails


( 25-21, 54-30, 72-50)

ANGRI BASKETBALL: Izzo 16, Di Domenico 2, Globys 5, Granata, Ruggiero 7, Peralta 13, Di Palma 2, Iannicelli, D ‘ Apice, Orsini 16, Rubinetti 28, Bucciol.

Coach: Chiavazzo

GOLEMSOFTWARE.COM BASKETBALL LAMEZIA: Vukosavljevic 3, Jarasiunas 5, Monier 6, Datouwei 16, Morabito, Vita Sadi 10, Hajrovic 12, Boffelli 18, Lopez, Labovic 4, Cerra

Coach: Del Vecchio.

The hat-trick of victories at Basketball Lamezia fails, which in Angri sees the hosts escape in the second quarter and is no longer able to fill the gap (maximum disadvantage 29 points).

Phoenicians who at the start of the match try to immediately put the returning Vita Sadi into rhythm, Angri runs better in the circulation of the ball but the first half of the initial quarter sees a substantial balance. In the last 2 minutes, a few too many fouls and turnovers by Monier and his teammates allow the Campania team to try their first escape (20-15), with Vukosavljevic and Boffelli finding the triples to bring Lamezia back into contact (22-21) but Angri has the last word (25-21).

Coach Chiavazzo’s team starts off immediately after returning to the field in the second quarter (31-21), the yellow and blue attack becomes cumbersome and coach Del Vecchio calls time out (35-23). About 5 minutes before the interval Angri digs a furrow (46-25), and a 4-point play by Boffelli is the shock to the partial to forget yellow and blue (29-9 the result of only the second 10 minutes, with 24 points to recover for the phoenixes). In the hosts Orsini (14) and Rubinetti (17) stand out, on the other front only Boffelli (11) goes into double figures at the long break.

At the beginning of the third quarter Monier and Vita Sadi try to give signs of recovery, coach Chiavazzo doesn’t trust him and stops the game (57-36) and Rubinetti’s team extends again (67-38) with phoenixes who risk leaving the race too early. At the last break, the hosts firmly in command at 72-50.

At the beginning of the last quarter, Angri was more relaxed in the offensive phase, Lamezia nibbled at a few points, and on 76-60 coach Chiavazzo raised the decibels on the bench towards his players. Phoenicians who reach -15 with 3 minutes to play (82-67). In the last minute coach Chiavazzo also gave second place to some other young players, with the match ending 89-74.

At a statistical level, the yellow and blue are not much in the line (4 points out of 5 free throws) compared to their opponents (24 out of 30 points from the charity line), finding 10 triples (4, however, only in the last period) compared to the 5 opponents, in favor of Angri the percentage of two shots (25 to 20).



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