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Probably the most unpleasant chapter in the life of Alexander Zverev (25) is over!

After the allegations of domestic violence that his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova (25) brought against the tennis star, the men’s tennis organization ATP has stopped its investigation. “An independent investigation has not found sufficient evidence to support the allegations of abuse,” writes the ATP.


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Zverev himself called ATP 2021 to have the case investigated. He had previously won court cases in Germany and Russia. To this day, Sharypova has not filed a police report against the Olympic champion.

Zverev also commented on Instagram on Tuesday evening. “From the beginning I have maintained my innocence and have denied the baseless allegations against me. I have welcomed and fully cooperated with ATP’s investigation and am grateful for the organization’s time and attention to this matter,” he said.

The research was conducted by The Lake Forest Group (LFG). According to ATP information, 24 other people were spoken to in addition to Zverev and Sharypova: family, friends, players and ATP employees. Text messages, audio files and photos were evaluated.

After that, the LFG was unable to identify violations of the ATP rules for on-site offenses or serious player offenses. The tournament in Shanghai was particularly in focus. All of this is subject to the proviso that no new evidence comes to light, ”said the ATP. But that is hardly to be expected, since the courts had already spoken before.

Alexander Zverev wants to lead Germany into the second round of the Davis Cup this week

Alexander Zverev wants to lead Germany into the second round of the Davis Cup this week

Photo: By Han Guan/AP

ATP boss Massimo Calvelli (48): “We had to contact special investigators, which was new territory for ATP. Ultimately, we believe the lengthy process was necessary to arrive at an informed judgement.”

“I’m grateful this is finally resolved and my priority now is to recover from an injury and focus on what I love most in this world – tennis,” said Zverev. And that’s the Davis Cup in Trier on Friday and Saturday against Switzerland (live on

Zverev’s closing words: “Justice has won.”


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