Cusco: a man who practices judo beat a Lima man to death because he thought he was a demon

And man who had come to Cusco for a walk from Lima it was brutally murdered to blows for a subject who mistook him for a devil. This fact dates back to February 2 of this year and the body was found by residents of the area a few minutes from the Plaza Mayor and they notified the authorities.

The deceased was identified as Carlos Alberto Herrera Veramendi (26), he was beaten by Luiggi Arthur Peralta Mora (26) and left dead on a sidewalk, before running away. This event was recorded by a security camera from a nearby location and it was possible to appreciate all the seconds of terror that the victim experienced, which finally ended his life.

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Once the defendant was captured, he confessed to the crime, and this Wednesday, February 22, he was sentenced to nine months in preventive detention by the judge, Ingrid Farfán, of the Second Preliminary Investigation Court of Cusco and Paruro.

The defendant will spend the following months in prison because there is a risk of flight, said the magistrate who explained that the request of the Public Ministry was resolved well-founded. Likewise, it was determined that this subject would be a danger to society and therefore, along with his crime, he would be given a high sentence.

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Defendant declares

In his plea, the defendant for qualified homicide tried to explain his behavior by pointing out that at the time of the crime, he thought his victim was a “demon” and that is why he attacked him. “I want to apologize, I am very sorry for what has happened. I don’t remember anything due to the intake of alcohol and some substances, at that time he thought that person was a dark entity or a demon. At those late hours of the night I thought that he was possessed, that he was not a being from here, ”he said verbatim.


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