Cortina d’Ampezzo | Men’s Super-G | Marco Odermatt winner ahead of Dominik Paris

Of suspense, there never really was. Like the day before, Marco Odermatt dominated the Cortina d’Ampezzo Super-G this Sunday, at the end of a very high level race. On the route of the Swiss coach who will have done a lot of damage (10 retirements out of the first 30 bibs), the leader of the World Cup was the only one to manage to cut the curves with accuracy while letting go on the bottom.

He is ahead of the Italian Dominik Paris (+ 0″76) and the Austrian Daniel Hemetbserger (+ 1″03) to offer himself his 8th victory of the winter, the 19th of his career. Best Frenchman, Alexis Pinturault finished 6th.

cortina d’Ampezzo

The Super-G, Pinturault’s unexpected breath of fresh air

01/29/2023 At 2:46 PM

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Paris could do better on the top of the Tofane: relive its super-G

One bend and five favorites out

He was already the favorite but, with the addition of a route drawn by the Swiss coach, the task was too simple for Marco Odermatt. Especially since the Helvètes coach hadn’t chosen the easy way, with a very technical route and – let’s be honest – frankly too tricky with in particular this gate just after the second check-in which required a curve far too pronounced which alone will have done a ton of damage (16 off the track), especially among the leaders (Sejersted, Crawford, Rogentin, Meillard).

And while we were salivating from the duel between Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and Odermatt, the Norwegian was also trapped in this famous bend, leaving the field open to the Swiss. But the leader of the World Cup had the merit of being the only one to achieve the perfect race on the Tofane. Very committed as always, very direct too, Odermatt was scared like the others on this famous corner but he had the courage and the ability to get back on the right line, without losing speed. Behind, the Valaisan let the skis slip away, cutting each curve, making a minimum of distance and absorbing each movement of the ground. A real recital to crush the competition.

Best Super-G for 2 years for Clarey

Starting with bib 1, Dominik Paris surprised everyone with an imperfect performance but ultimately committed enough to sign a magnificent 2nd place (+0.76). The Italian’s first podium in the discipline since Lake Louise in December 2019 For his part, Daniel Hemetsberger had never been on a podium in Super-G (4th at Bormio) but the Austrian, who chose caution more than his usual madness, had the hundredths on his side at Cortina He is ahead of Sander by four hundredths, Kriechmayr by six, and Alexis Pinturault, he fails at just seven hundredths.

12th in the first Super-G on Saturday, the skier from Courchevel offered a much better performance, giving himself up more, being on the attack on a track which absolutely required it. A little too shy on the top (+ 0 “41 at the 2nd inter), the Frenchman on the other hand perfectly managed the trap turn, giving himself the margin to better stay in the right line. But the bottom of the route lacked speed , the fault of a little too much openness, to get a correct 6th place (+ 1″10). Three other Tricolores grab the top 15 with 11th place (+ 1″52) for Nils Allegre, 14th place (+ 1″93) for Blaise Giezendanner and 15th place (+ 2″02) for Johan Clarey, his best result in the discipline since Kitzbühel 2021.

cortina d’Ampezzo

There was Odermatt and the others: the Top 3 of the 2nd Super G of the Italian weekend

01/29/2023 At 11:24

cortina d’Ampezzo

Paris could do better on the top of the Tofane: relive its super-G

01/29/2023 At 10:58



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