Cordell Pemsl, the MVP of all battles



Cordell Pemsl, the MVP of all battles

06/02/2023 – 17:34

He is the MVP of all the EBA League conferences, with an average valuation of 34.1 points. And since this Saturday, the player who has signed the best game of the season, with 32 points and 21 rebounds for a total PIR of 54.


In the EBA League, 50 points had been reached three times (Gregorio Yexian, Kedar Nkosi and Devin Wright) with 52 as the top. In LEB Oro Melwin Pantzar reached 53… and now Cordell Pemsl has signed a 54 in his match against the Santiago Group. The top of the week and of the season for a player who averages 22.5 points and 12.5 rebounds per game.

Iowa’s American outback is shining spectacularly in its first season in Europe. The Cantbasket player signed an almost perfect game on Saturday: 32 points, with 10 of 15 on shots from two; 21 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 recoveries and 1 block, for a total of 54 valuation points.

J.16: Cantbasket – Santiago Group (98-69)

– Link: match statistics

AA GROUP: Cordell Permsl (Cantbasket): 54
AB GROUP: Daniel Martin (Santo Domingo Betanzos): 30
BA GROUP: Romeo Smith (And Gálvez Santa Cruz): 35
GROUP BB: Juan Carlos Vilches (Tobarra G. Sánchez and Murcia): 49
GROUP C-1: Soulemane Chabi (Prosperplast Alfinden): 42
GROUP C-2: David Fernandez (Ibersol CB Tarragona): 31
DA GROUP: Luis Rueda (Ecoculture Costa de Almería): 29
GROUP DB: Cedric Belemene (Sacred Lithium Iberia): 40
EA GROUP: Alfonso Ribera (Esportiu Vila-Real): 36
EB GROUP: Carlos Hurtado (UCAM Murcia): 36


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